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Casey Pitocchelli is a native from Villanova, Pennsylvania. He is the owner and operator of Rare Vintage @rarevntg - a company dedicated to authentic vintage sports apparel. A graduate from Duquesne University, Casey started collecting jerseys, sneakers and sports wear clothing at 7 years old with a strong influence coming from his father. Casey's dad was a consultant with Mitchell & Ness, building a strong relationship with the former owner Peter Capolino. It was this connection that fed into Casey's appetite for becoming a fanatic for jerseys and an aficionado of the vintage culture.

The market has always been volatile changing rapidly year to year. Snapbacks and Starter jackets were extremely popular 5-6 years ago, then as time passed not so much. Authentic jerseys, especially from Mitchell & Ness had the spotlight in the early 2,000's with every popular rapper rocking vintage jerseys. Currently, the most popular pieces are vintage designer brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo etc. The thrifting scene has rapidly gained popularity as of late. Stores like Round Two and Mr. Throwback specialize in a wide variety of vintage apparel and highlight the obvious financial benefits of finding that rare, valuable piece you can find digging through thrift shops. 

Although it seems easy enough to turn a $1.00 thrift find into a $30 flip, it's not all that easy. Casey has a few pieces of advice for you before you go thrift. First, do your research! Understand what your looking for and what it could be potentially worth before you even hit the thrift. If something stands out and it's cheap, BUY IT! Second, be aware of fakes-they're everywhere! Just because a jersey is "stitched" doesn't mean it's authentic. The brand, size tags, name, and number font will tell you a lot about a jerseys authenticity and value. If you become more aware of these two rules you will do great thrifting!

Casey's passion for vintage jerseys is rooted deep but what keeps him interested are the items quality. Unique pieces from the 80's and 90's-the timeless look and the nostalgia of wanting certain things as a kid is what keeps him drawn to the vintage hustle. "Every piece is different, some more uncommon and rare than others, but it's about the good memories from when I was younger that makes me love vintage." 

December 07, 2016 by Suplex Philadelphia

Suplex Spring Sale

Great news! We will be having our first ever "SUPLEX SPRING SALE!" This Saturday, April 30th, we will host another sale in a first-come, first-serve style. One pair per customer, once you've purchased a pair you're more then welcome to go to the end of the line and buy another! Doors will open an hour earlier then normal at 11AM. This will be our third sale to date and we could not be more excited that this will be our biggest sale yet! There will be sneakers listed for unbelievable prices ranging from $20-$200+. Surprise listings, giveaways, and FREE sneakers can all be expected throughout the day. We will also have drinks and food provided from our amazing neighbors on South Street. 

We will do our absolute best to keep everyone satisfied, moving the line, and providing check outs as quickly as possible; this is our third sale and we have modified the system to be the most efficient as possible. 

Leading up to the big day, we will list the majority of our sale items throughout the week on our secondary IG account, @suplexsteals. There are currently hundreds of pairs listed here already with prices and sizes. Look for updates on both accounts including $100 DS Legend 11's or a FREE $100 Gift Certificate to SUPLEX. A surprise raffle will also be announced at the sale.

Can't make the sale on Saturday? Don't worry! We've decided to extend the sale into Sunday, May 1st, to accommodate anyone that missed out as well as a second chance at even more steals.  We expect the line to form early on both days; you don't want to hesitate getting your spot. Remember, this is a first-come, first-serve basis. Everyone will have a chance at a great pair at a great price, and we will prove that the most organized, respectful, and orderly line in the sneaker game is at the quarterly SUPLEX Sale.  


April 23, 2016 by Suplex Philadelphia

Suplex x MVH Philadelphia "Killa Bart"


We would like to thank everyone who purchased our collaboration with MVH Philadelphia.  A special thanks goes out to designer Chas Truslow who is the original artist for the Killa Bart.  We sold out right away, as we unfortunately had more orders than shirts available for sale.  Be sure not to miss out on future projects with MVH.



October 16, 2014 by Suplex Philadelphia

Suplex Philadelphia: A Day with Jake Danklefs

Suplex Philadelphia: A Day with Jake Danklefs from SUPLEX PHILADELPHIA 


Suplex Philadelphia has become the go to people for when popular sneaker figures hit Philadelphia. This time around we are blessed to be acquainted with Jake Danklefs, one of the elite customizers out today. Check his instagram @jwdanklefs to see some of his remarkable work. He came with a few friends including local legend from Delaware, BJ Betts.  Being the down to earth guy Jake is, he had no problems traversing the city from popular South St all the way out to an area known as the Badlands, just in the hopes of finding something he hasn't seen before.  

Killa Bart Tee at Sneaker Pimps

The original collaboration began with Chas Truslow (@thecatfishchronicles) and Mason Warner (@WTHN_MASON) dropping a run of white Killa Bart shirts.  It sold out immediately on www.mvhphiladelphia.com, which is the only other place the Grey will be available.  The online drop will be on their site on Saturday, and Suplex Philadelphia will have in LIMITED QUANTITIES the shirt available at Sneaker Pimps, September 7.