Introducing: Quality over Hype Part 1

It's important to us at Suplex to promote quality over hype. That's why we decided to dedicate a weekly post highlighting sneakers that we feel are underrated, under appreciated and share our thoughts with others. Introducing "Quality > Hype"

The Air Jordan 2009 "S23". Yes. I said AJ2K9, listen up. At the time this sneaker released at all 3, that's right THREE House of Hoops locations compared to the hundreds in the US and Internationally only six years later. You hypebeasts want "exclusive", well the "S23" was limited to only 2,009 pairs-only 1,005 released in the U.S. while the other 1,004 pairs were a world wide release. Thats comparable to say a Bin23 7 in numbers; extremely limited. 

Originally an exclusive JORDAN FLIGHT CLUB release (google it, young bulls). Inside the unique, trapezoid shaped box you will find a pair of gorgeous and extremely heavy sneakers. Heavy, because Jordan included cedar shoe trees. The very same inserts included with the BIN 23 series. Notice on the shoe's upper pleated panels of wire mesh ventilation which makes for a sleek, sharp design. 

APT= Atriculated Propulsion Technology which took inspiration from elements of prosthetic running technology. Basically the designed a "revelutionary" heel system inspired from carbon fiber prosthetics used by our very own Paraolympians. Okay, so in all honesty this "revolutionary" technology doesn't make you feel the explosive forward movement that it promotes, BUT I think the inspiration behind the design is creative and definitively different than any other model before it's time. Which truly makes me appreciate new Jordan models. Every year JB pushes the envelope, introducing new technology unfamiliar not only with Jordan Brand but with performance sneakers period. 

The gold lace tips, panache upper, patent leather and A DAMN OPAL! A true Jordan diamond in the rough. This shoe has a little bit of everything that qualifies as a hype sneaker, but it's not. It's off the radar. It's quality, which always beats Hype. 


January 30, 2015 by Suplex Philadelphia

Air Jordan 6 x SLAM DUNK

We are starting to see the hype for the SLAM DUNK Air Jordan 6 build momentum quickly as a release approaches us.  As of late, I've felt that the Jordan Brand's creativity has started to plummet with the recycled color ways and hackneyed inspirations, but this has turned that boat around for me.  

As a quick background introduction, I spent a huge part of my childhood growing up in Seoul Korea.  Even though SLAM DUNK was a Japanese production, that did not stop it from surrounding me daily.  Growing up I would see the Manga (book) copies cover shelves in book stores and stationaries, as well as seeing kids everywhere wear the memorabilia.  SLAM DUNK is so popular that anything you can think of would feature characters from the manga.  Growing up playing basketball over there I quickly gathered the two common favorite players of Asia, Michael Jordan and Hanamichi Sakuragi.  As much as Michael Jordan has done for the game, it goes without saying how impressive it is that his popularity is only rivaled by a fictitious character.

This release will definitely have Asia in a frenzy, the question is will it be reciprocated here stateside.  Weather it is or is not, I will most certainly be waiting for this drop, if not for nostalgic purposes at least.

October 16, 2014 by Suplex Philadelphia

Suplex Philadelphia: A Day with Jake Danklefs

Suplex Philadelphia: A Day with Jake Danklefs from SUPLEX PHILADELPHIA 


Suplex Philadelphia has become the go to people for when popular sneaker figures hit Philadelphia. This time around we are blessed to be acquainted with Jake Danklefs, one of the elite customizers out today. Check his instagram @jwdanklefs to see some of his remarkable work. He came with a few friends including local legend from Delaware, BJ Betts.  Being the down to earth guy Jake is, he had no problems traversing the city from popular South St all the way out to an area known as the Badlands, just in the hopes of finding something he hasn't seen before.