Philly Cheese Swag

Recently Slam Magazine Online dropped a story about our homie and  South Philadelphia's own Dion Waiters titled "Dreams Worth More Than Money".  Currently Dion is coming off a break out season with the Miami Heat, his third team in 4 years. In the past he had his time with some of the best, playing along side LeBron in Cleveland and Kevin Durant and the current MVP Russel Westbrook. It was that part of his journey he learned what it took to be a real NBA pro. The story mentions Dion's growth from the 6th man in Syracuse, dealing with some of his closest friends deaths and his ability to overcome it all to be the person he is today.

"After a breakout season, Waiters bared all—the good and the bad, the triumph and the tragedy—that comes with a Philly baller. He’s straight grit, like Rocky Balboa."-SLAM

Check out the video featuring a day in South Philly with Dion that includes him at Ishkabibbles buying everyone cheese steaks or him buying sneakers at the shop at the 1:11 minute mark. Look out for Dion next year, no matter if he's in Miami or another squad, that Philly Cheese Swag is gonna get buckets one way or another.Dion at Suplex

June 28, 2017 by Suplex Philadelphia