Suplex x MVH Philadelphia "Killa Bart"


We would like to thank everyone who purchased our collaboration with MVH Philadelphia.  A special thanks goes out to designer Chas Truslow who is the original artist for the Killa Bart.  We sold out right away, as we unfortunately had more orders than shirts available for sale.  Be sure not to miss out on future projects with MVH.



October 16, 2014 by Suplex Philadelphia

Killa Bart Tee at Sneaker Pimps

The original collaboration began with Chas Truslow (@thecatfishchronicles) and Mason Warner (@WTHN_MASON) dropping a run of white Killa Bart shirts.  It sold out immediately on, which is the only other place the Grey will be available.  The online drop will be on their site on Saturday, and Suplex Philadelphia will have in LIMITED QUANTITIES the shirt available at Sneaker Pimps, September 7.