Suplex Spring Sale

Great news! We will be having our first ever "SUPLEX SPRING SALE!" This Saturday, April 30th, we will host another sale in a first-come, first-serve style. One pair per customer, once you've purchased a pair you're more then welcome to go to the end of the line and buy another! Doors will open an hour earlier then normal at 11AM. This will be our third sale to date and we could not be more excited that this will be our biggest sale yet! There will be sneakers listed for unbelievable prices ranging from $20-$200+. Surprise listings, giveaways, and FREE sneakers can all be expected throughout the day. We will also have drinks and food provided from our amazing neighbors on South Street. 

We will do our absolute best to keep everyone satisfied, moving the line, and providing check outs as quickly as possible; this is our third sale and we have modified the system to be the most efficient as possible. 

Leading up to the big day, we will list the majority of our sale items throughout the week on our secondary IG account, @suplexsteals. There are currently hundreds of pairs listed here already with prices and sizes. Look for updates on both accounts including $100 DS Legend 11's or a FREE $100 Gift Certificate to SUPLEX. A surprise raffle will also be announced at the sale.

Can't make the sale on Saturday? Don't worry! We've decided to extend the sale into Sunday, May 1st, to accommodate anyone that missed out as well as a second chance at even more steals.  We expect the line to form early on both days; you don't want to hesitate getting your spot. Remember, this is a first-come, first-serve basis. Everyone will have a chance at a great pair at a great price, and we will prove that the most organized, respectful, and orderly line in the sneaker game is at the quarterly SUPLEX Sale.  


April 23, 2016 by Suplex Philadelphia

Introducing: Quality over Hype Part 1

It's important to us at Suplex to promote quality over hype. That's why we decided to dedicate a weekly post highlighting sneakers that we feel are underrated, under appreciated and share our thoughts with others. Introducing "Quality > Hype"

The Air Jordan 2009 "S23". Yes. I said AJ2K9, listen up. At the time this sneaker released at all 3, that's right THREE House of Hoops locations compared to the hundreds in the US and Internationally only six years later. You hypebeasts want "exclusive", well the "S23" was limited to only 2,009 pairs-only 1,005 released in the U.S. while the other 1,004 pairs were a world wide release. Thats comparable to say a Bin23 7 in numbers; extremely limited. 

Originally an exclusive JORDAN FLIGHT CLUB release (google it, young bulls). Inside the unique, trapezoid shaped box you will find a pair of gorgeous and extremely heavy sneakers. Heavy, because Jordan included cedar shoe trees. The very same inserts included with the BIN 23 series. Notice on the shoe's upper pleated panels of wire mesh ventilation which makes for a sleek, sharp design. 

APT= Atriculated Propulsion Technology which took inspiration from elements of prosthetic running technology. Basically the designed a "revelutionary" heel system inspired from carbon fiber prosthetics used by our very own Paraolympians. Okay, so in all honesty this "revolutionary" technology doesn't make you feel the explosive forward movement that it promotes, BUT I think the inspiration behind the design is creative and definitively different than any other model before it's time. Which truly makes me appreciate new Jordan models. Every year JB pushes the envelope, introducing new technology unfamiliar not only with Jordan Brand but with performance sneakers period. 

The gold lace tips, panache upper, patent leather and A DAMN OPAL! A true Jordan diamond in the rough. This shoe has a little bit of everything that qualifies as a hype sneaker, but it's not. It's off the radar. It's quality, which always beats Hype. 


January 30, 2015 by Suplex Philadelphia