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Fuck fake sneakers.

It's always been a problem but at the current peak of hype, it's turned into a widespread epidemic.

Last year there was a lawsuit filed in Florida Federal Court. Adidas and Reebok (they fake Reeboks?) state that over 50 online sellers are infringing on trademarks by "promoting, selling, offering for sale and distributing goods bearing counterfeits and confusingly similar imitations". 

Basically, long story short - Adidas is seeking $2M's for each party slanging fakes totaling well over $106 millllllllllllllllllion!!

Everyday at Suplex we are asked to do a legit check. Every. Single. Day. We see the counterfeit, replica, non-authentic aka the fake bull shit every day and there is a simple explanation.

Fakes make money. China loves money. So China will make money making a shit ton of fakes. They fake everything, literally everything you think of has a knock off made somewhere overseas. The more popular a shoe is on the market, the more likely there will be top tier fakes produced and shipped to the states. Nothing is safe. StockX, Goat, eBay- they all can get it.

So be fuckin' careful, bring your kicks to Suplex.

Legit checks can be quick and easy or quite the opposite. Some times it can be an extensive process but we're willing to help, FREE. All we ask in return for our expertise and time is a fair and honest review online. 

January 18, 2019 by Suplex Philadelphia
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