Nike Air Trainer Max '91 "Philadelphia Eagles"

Nike recently put together a Philadelphia Eagles version of their Bo Jackson Air Trainer '91, the unfortunate news is that they have also scrapped the shoe.  Due to a rights issue involving the use of the classic Eagles logo, Nike has been forced to recall all pairs out of stores before becoming available.  However, in the sneaker world you can always count on someone leaking a pair or two, and that is just the case.  Rumors have been floating around that the shoe will be released eventually, but with a few changes, most importantly the removal of the Eagles logo.  If that is the situation, you can count on these rare unreleased pairs to sky rocket on the market.  The shoe itself features a "Philly Knows" print on the front strap, as well as the classic logo on the heel.  The shoe also stays true with the classic eagles colorway to cap off the tribute.  Enjoy our depiction of old and new.


October 31, 2013 by Suplex Philadelphia
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