Suplex Philadelphia: Kevin "Loudbond" McCarthy

Suplex Philadelphia: Kevin "Loudbond" McCarthy from SUPLEX PHILADELPHIA 


In conjunction with our #huskychestgiveaway we figured Loudbond deserved his own spotlight. We wanted the winner to understand what they are getting when they win this amazing chest. Kevin's blue collar work ethic helps him churn out some of the most impressive custom sneaker boxes available on the market. His creations are simply one of a kind.  

Kevin was introduced to box making when we enlisted in him to help us create our special gift to Action Bronson some time ago.  Check out SUPLEX PHILADELPHIA for that video.  We used his skills to make a one of a kind box to match the custom Blue Chips 2 new balance's we had ready for him.  From that point on he was getting orders coming in and has used it to help him find a niche in something he loves.  Be Sure to check out his Instagram: @Loudbond and our Instagram: @Suplexphiladelphia for the contest details.

February 08, 2015 by Suplex Philadelphia
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