P's and Q's Dip & Dye Event



P's and Q's (820 South) hosted a Dip & Dye event for Tretorn recently, and fun would be an understatement.  With meticulous efforts put in by the team to provide their supporters a first class experience, P's and Q's can consider this event a success.  Catered by "Tattoo Moms", also on South Street, the event sported a vegetarian spread consisting of cheesesteak rolls, falafels, Gushers, and to top it off some water ice and beverages.




There were a few different base colors to choose from, but the classic white was the most popular for this event.  a blank canvas is a great start to the Dip and Dye experience.  With the canvas material ready to absorb any color introduced to it, the rest of the shoe is more forgiving in the patent logo and midsole of the shoe. Picking a color to go with was almost the hardest part, but then came time to start.  Starting the process was terrifying for someone that normally makes sure to keep his shoes neat, but once the first splatter started it was all fun from there.



The immense amount of colors provided also played a part in my indecisiveness towards my own pair.  I came into it with a general idea of what colors i wanted to use on my tretorn, but you can't fully know what you're doing until you see the colors hitting the canvas.  



The wide array of tools and colors provided by P's and Q's really kept everyones designs unique.  With an abundance of different shades that made two people choosing the same color hard.  Hanging around the event for a few hours I really got to see how everyone was different.  The different use of blocking and colors was great to witness throughout the event.  


For my personal pair I wanted to use a combination of black, grey and red.  After an initial black layer i wanted to go over it in red to give a bolder feel and have it fade to the toe.  After the first couple of layers had dried out I could move onto using the bleach to take the customization to the next level.



All in all I left very pleased with my personal pair of Tretorns.  It was a great way to spend a few hours and meet new people who share similar interests.  I'm hoping the good guys at Ps & Qs feel like having an event like this again soon because I will be there to do a second and third pair without hesitation.  Enjoy some of the other photos below.


July 20, 2014 by Suplex Philadelphia
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