Ronnie Fieg x Asics "KFE"

This year happens to be one of those fortunate years that we get to enjoy the World Cup.  The marketing around the event is almost as exciting as the Cup itself.  So far through we have seen products being pushed by some of the biggest street wear brands out today.  

Here we highlight one of the most anticipated sneaker releases around the world cup, the Ronnie Fieg KFE collection.  Over the years we have seen the demand for Ronnie's products grow substantially, and teaming up with the hype around one of the greatest tournaments around added to the excitement.  

Ronnie utilized two of his favorite Asics models, the GT-II and the Gel Lyte III.  The Gel Lyte III was made in honor of the United States, and its counter part was in honor of the host nation of Brazil.  The Gel Lyte III is made up of premium materials and emphasizes the quest for gold.  The red, white, and blue accents appear all over the shoe which adds to the vibrance, but its the use in a variety of materials that make it special.   

The blue and red leathers set this shoe off with its corresponding accents along the midsole.  During the U.S National squad's first game Ronnie and the Kith crew had something in store for his supporters.  As the first goal was struck by Clint Dempsey, moments later kith dropped the Gel Lyte III.  Like most releases within minutes they were all gone.

It remains to be seen if the US National team will have what it takes to withstand the struggle of the World Cup, but if they do this will surely be one of the more memorable releases for it.


Ronnie's GT-II made in the spirit of A Seleção, shows off a vibrant blue suede along the sought after GT-II model.  Instead of going with the obvious tones of yellow and green for his inspiration, he went with the blue like in their jerseys.

Accompanied with a very creative sports style collection Ronnie can sit back and enjoy the rest of the world cup and see which of the two get further.  If you missed out on either of these releases be sure to grab them before the prices on these rise.

July 01, 2014 by Suplex Philadelphia
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