Consignment or Cash?

The world of sneakers has transformed from what once was considered as a sub-culture of sneaker enthusiasts and collectors to a mass marketed endeavor. A whole new marketplace was created and sneaker consignment shops were the result. Our goal is to help ease the learning curve with an insightful post about some of the most asked questions regarding sneaker consignment and cash buy backs.

Consignment is defined as an agreement to pay a supplier of goods after the goods are sold. We at Suplex can explain the process in 4 simple steps:

1. Bring in or send us your sneakers
2. We advise to determine a comparable market/competitor price
3. We sell your sneakers in our store and on-line (
4. You receive a check for 80% of the total sale price, our commission is 20%.
We consign deadstock (brand new) sneakers and slightly worn pairs in at least 9/10 condition. Our PRE-OWNED section has a quick turnover rate for consignors and more reasonable prices for customers.
How do you determine MARKET VALUE?......
-At Suplex we price our sneakers based on our previous transactions and knowledge of the market, however SOLD eBay listings are a reliable indicator. Also, we look at other sneaker consignment shops locally and Flight Club NY to beat their prices. At Suplex we take pride in great value for our consignors while offering that same value to our customers.
Why pay a premium for SNEAKERS?....
-The emergence in sneaker consignment shops stem from the basic principles of supply and demand. Currently, Nike/Jordan and other exclusive sneaker releases are not meeting the overall demand for their product. Air Jordan's are sold out online in seconds, and with the emergence of BOTS(computer software that adds items to carts automatically)-it's become more difficult then ever to score a pair online. Retail stores have resorted to raffles/lotteries and TICKETS handed out a week in advance to avoid the headaches with long and rowdy lines on release day. 
-confidence as a buyer. The recent sneaker boom has created an equal surge in the production of fake sneakers. These high-quality fakes are produced in factories in China by skilled experts that make it possible to re-create authentic pairs using an identical process. SUPLEX PHILADELPHIA can guaranetee authenticity. We are experts in determining fake sneakers, however we realize from time to time no one is perfect. For that reason, every pair is inspected multiple times from multiple experts to double and sometimes triple check a sneakers authenticity (IT CAN BE THAT DIFFICULT). The majority of fake sneakers are sold on eBay, even perfect sellers don't know what to look for when determining legitimacy of a sneaker. RELAX. No stress. At SUPLEX, buyers can feel confidence in their purchase from SUPLEX, an establishment that takes pride in being Philadelphia's most trusted consignment shop. 
If you're already a re-seller?...
-Selling sneakers is not as easy as everybody must think, if it was then we would all be able to do it. If you find yourself already an eBay member selling sneakers, consider the upside of some of the following:
-avoiding fraudulent buyers, fees, responsibility for shipping, and bad reviews. Simply drop off your sneakers and receive a phone call/email once your items sell. (We pay-out our consignors every Friday). A check, or in some occasions, cash is available for pick-up. We also mail checks to our consignors who live outside the city for their convenience . 
-Our unique software system offers the most accurate, organized and current inventory available for consignment shops in Philadelphia. We offer a timely and up-to-date status report for our consigners that show every item you have sold or currently hold in stock at Suplex. 
-With over 600 different consignors and counting, we need a system that can accommodate such a high amount of information. Our software enables us to visually see every separate consignor's current information and account. As soon as your shoes sell, you will receive a prompt reply in the form of an email or phone call. 
Do you buy sneakers at Suplex?
-YES. At Suplex we offer a  "buy back program". This is where we offer to buy your DEAD STOCK AND USED sneakers back from you, for CASH! If they are not completely DEADSTOCK, we consider the sneaker worn and consistently buy used pairs around $40-60, depending on model and quality.  We encourage consignment, for the seller to get max value, but we're also here to help out, and as we stated above, re-selling sneakers independently can be very difficult. So, wether you're looking to make space or just cannot sell the sneakers on your own, we're always buying.
For any additional questions or concerns please feel free to email the store at
January 30, 2016 by Suplex Philadelphia
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